KoA has 4 types of resources: Food, Wood, Iron Ore and Silver. You can get these in 'raw' form, and as items.

Raw Resources

Buildings - Farm with food waiting to be harvested'Raw' resources you get from harvesting your farms (food), sawmills (wood), iron mines (iron ore) and silver mines (silver) in your own city, or by sending your troops to those on the Kingdom map to gather, or from your Wishing Well.
They are also occasionally collected from system / alliance mails, and can be traded on the marketplace. At the top of your screen on the Kingdom map and Stronghold view you can see how much of these 'raw' resources you currently have in your Storehouse.

Buildings - StorehouseThese resources can be stolen when you get pillaged by enemy players though. Resources under a certain limit might be safe in your storehouse, so it's a good idea to upgrade it as soon as possible. You can click on the 'Info' button of your storehouse to see how much is protected. The left number is the base protection limit, the green number on the right is the bonus amount from heroes and such. The total is what's kept safe should you be raided.
Buildings - Storehouse info displaying your current limits.
However, my advice is to spend it as soon as you can, and send up to your daily limit to our Alliance Storehouse for storage, to not be an appealing target for other high level players/alliances who like to 'farm' other, weaker, players for resources instead of gathering them themselves. Don't forget that you can donate to Alliance Tech if you've run out of things to spend on. ;-)

Resource Items

Resources also come in the form of items. As items currently can't be stolen, this is a much safer way of saving up resources for big upgrades. While you can use these items from your regular items interface:
Resource items in your items inventory.
It's much easier though to just click on the resource type at the top of your screen to open up the resources interface, as you can easily see how much you have here, and use the different types:

Food resource items
Wood resource items
Iron Ore resource items
Silver Ore resource items

Since these resource items can't be stolen, try to only use them for big expenses, or when you really need a little bit extra for something. Otherwise it's imho often better to just wait a little while you gather some more, or use your wishes from your wishing well. It might take a bit longer, but at least you don't need to worry as much about losing resources when being attacked. Since you have less resources showing in Scout reports, it should hopefully also make you a much less appealing target.

Buildings - Parade ground

Don't I need food to keep my troops alive?

No, you don't

If you click on the building at your Parade Ground, at the bottom left of your Stronghold view where your troops reside, you'll get an overview of all your troops (and the ability to save Troop Formations) with an info block that explains that your troops won't die when you run out of food:
Troops on Parade ground details.

Actually, your resources will never drop below the Storehouse limits, unless you spend them yourselves, and even then it's not a big deal if you hit 0. Your Upkeep cost will only apply on the resources you keep above the storehouse limits.


  • When under attack by more troops than you can handle, or one of the top alliances, either use a Peace Shield, or use up as many resources you can (to minimise how much they can loot) and send your troops out to gather at the Alliance Farm/Sawmill/Mine or far away tiles, or reinforce an ally who has an active peace shield garrison them at the Alliance Fortress (though be ready to call them back if the fortress gets attacked).
  • Your troops are only safe inside a stronghold that has an active Peace Shield, or at the Alliance Resource Building (Alliance Farm/Sawmill/Mine)
  • Before attacking an enemy city, or their troops, check if they are part of an alliance, and whether that alliance is larger than you and your alliance can handle, or allied with your alliance. Also check the whiteboard at the Great Hall to verify that the entire Kingdom doesn't have a kingdom-wide peace treaty.
  • It's recommended to avoid attacking top players or alliances.
  • Don't attack alliances listed in your Alliance Feed or Alliance Motto as Family or Allies or NAP (Non Aggression Pact).


  • The amount of people who can join depends on your Rally Capacity. While certain buffs are shared amongst all that join, the biggest influence is the base rally capacity of the one who starts the rally.
  • Try to have the person with the largest Rally Capacity start the rally. This ensures that the most troops can join.
  • You can increase your Rally Capacity by upgrading your Hall of War.
  • You can increase you March Capacity by upgrading your Stronghold, researching it under Combat at your University, or (when your Dragon accompanies your Troops) by upgrading/enhancing and assigning your March of Fury Dragon Skill.

Barbarian Camps

Spread across the King of Avalon kingdom map are Barbarian Camps of various levels. Successfully defeating the barbarian captains of these camps through a rally of minimum 2, maximum 6 alliance members, will award you with resource items, barbarian chests, bonus barbarian chests (if you hold a barbarian chest key), and possibly a special event item such as tainted daggers (when an applicable event is currently running).

Camp and Captain Levels

Each camp is indicated by a level, and will contain barbarian captains of a range of levels near that. For instance, a level 18 barbarian camp will most likely hold barbarian captains of levels 15 through 21, with the majority of the captains being of the same level (or +/-1) as the camp. The higher the level of the captain, the tougher the fight, but also the better the rewards.

From what I could find out by looking at camps on the map, these are the camp levels and their possibly barbarian leader levels:

  • Camp 6? (1-6?)
  • Camp 9 (6-11)
  • Camp 12 (9-15)
  • Camp 15 (12-18)
  • Camp 18 (15-21)
  • Camp 21 (18-24)
  • Camp 24 (21-27)
  • Camp 27 (24-30)
  • Camp 30 (27-30)

Barbarian Chest Levels

Each barbarian captain's level determines the level of the barbarian chest, and bonus barbarian chest he guards. The higher the level of the chest, the better the rewards. The levels of the chests are tiered as follows:

  • Barbarian Captains level 1-5?: Barbarian Chest Lv 1
  • Barbarian Captains level 6?-10: Barbarian Chest Lv 2
  • Barbarian Captains level 11-15: Barbarian Chest Lv 3
  • Barbarian Captains level 16-20: Barbarian Chest Lv 4
  • Barbarian Captains level 20-25: Barbarian Chest Lv 5
  • Barbarian Captains level 26-30: Barbarian Chest Lv 6

Rallying a barbarian Camp Captain

To defeat a barbarian camp captain, you need to rally it. This will cost 20 stamina, and you will need to have at least one more member in your alliance to join you in your rally. While war rallies can be expanded by researching more rally slots through alliance tech donations, barbarian camp rallies are limited to just 6 slots, regardless of alliance research.

If you fail to defeat the captain, your stamina points will be refunded as soon as your troops return home.

Maximising Rewards

While it is tempting to just fill up an existing rally, it might be wiser to start a second one to maximise the rewards, as each barbarian camp rally has a fixed amount of resources to be divided between all rally members. For a level 30 captain, this is 400k food or wood. So, if a rally already has enough power to defeat the barbarian captain, please consider starting another rally against a different captain. If your rally doesn't get enough participants, you can always consider disbanding it and joining the other rally.

'Solo' Rallies

Sometimes members will want to try to 'solo' a barb for this reason, and will try to take it on with just their farm account(s). Please follow this request, and don't join it anyway, or at least ask before joining. It's not meant by them as a-social, or greedy, but rather as a way for everyone to maximise their rewards. Try to host your own, and if you don't get enough participants, just ask if you can join theirs anyway.

If you run a solo barb, or a barb with specific restrictions (such as infantry- or siege-only), please post this request in the alliance chat directly before or after the rally is started. If you plan on running multiple solo barbs, it'd be wise to click on your message to copy it, so you can easily repeat it after every (other) rally, so others don't have to scroll up to your first rally.

Regardless, please check the alliance chat before joining any rally. Not just because it might be a solo barb, but also because it could be a 'fake rally' meant to increase stamina beyond 100, or to trick enemies into thinking there are less troops in the stronghold than there really are!


  • For various actions in the game you get awarded Daily Activity Points, which will unlock Daily Rewards at 30, 70, 120, 180, 260, 240 and 420 points.
  • Daily Activity Points are awarded for:
    • Helping Allies
    • Building Traps
    • Training Troops (each type gives up to 25 points).
    • Trading at the Marketplace.
    • Wishing at your Wishing Well.
    • Research something at your University.
    • Making Donations to Alliance Tech.
    • Spinning the Zodiac Wheel at the Fortune Teller at the Tavern.
    • Sending resources to your allies via the Trading Post.
    • Gathering Food/Wood/Iron/Silver on the Kingdom Map.
    • Boosting up to 2 of each of your Farms/Sawmills/Iron Mines/Silver Mines on the Kingdom Map.
    • Using Resource Items.
    • Sending Reinforcement troops to your allies.
    • Killing Monsters.
    • Completing your Daily Sign In.
    • Collecting Tributes.
    • Upgrading Buildings.
    • Healing Troops.
    • Forging Equipment at your Forge.
    • Synthesising Scrolls at your Forge.
    • Donating Portal Dust at the Alliance Portal or participating in a Portal Monster Rally.
    • Attacking Barbarian Camps.
  • Tavern with opened interfaceRemember to open your Daily Rewards at your Tavern as you unlock them (a shiny chest will appear above your Tavern as you achieve your daily milestones) , as every even (2nd, 4th and 6th) chest contains a Barbarian Key.
  • Barbarian keys will automatically give Bonus Chests on Barbarian Camp Rallies. The Spoils of War mail you'll get at the end of a Barbarian Camp Rally will tell you if you had one, and thus whether or not you got a Barbarian Bonus Chest.
  • Remember to open the chests you receive from these Barbarian Camp or Nian Beast rallies. Just go to your items, select the chest or envelope and select Open. This will give you all the items inside.
  • Profile Achievements Badge with '1 new achievement'-notification
    Regularly click on your profile image to check the rewards medal to make sure you don't have any gold rewards left to collect.
  • Merlin's Gift timer displaying 20:47 minutes left.
    Every 2 hours a gift from Merlin will appear near the Tavern/Daily Shipment dock. Be sure to click and collect it before the timer runs out! They currently arrive every whole even hour according to the UTC game clock. So, midnight UTC, 2 am UTC, 4 am UTC, etc.

Donations to Alliance Tech

  • If one of the items is sold out, ask one of the higher members via the Alliance Chat to restock the store. Check the Item List to see what is available.
  • Donating to the Alliance Tech tree helps to level up your Alliance.


  • You might want to exchange as many resources as possible in the marketplace, even if it's at a minor loss, as they might be replaced with premium offers.
  • Try to always use up all the daily refreshes, to be sure you're not missing out on useful premium offers.


  • Once you can enter the Labyrinth, do so. A 2 day (iirc) timer will start as soon as you do so. Till the end of this cooldown, you can explore the labyrinth. At the end, you will get all items in your satchel.
  • Your Dragon needs to be in your city, or else you can't enter the Labyrinth.
  • Use Dragon Spirit research at the University to increase your Dragon Spirit stamina, health, potions, etc.
  • Once you reach floor 11, 21, 31, etc, you can start at that floor next cooldown.
  • Try to reach as many floors as possible by going down as soon as you kill the guardian. Your satchel usually is full before your stamina runs out anyway, at least after some research. The further you progress, the better loot.
  • Satchel capacity usually is more important than slots.
  • Check your Dragon Spirit Equipment Scrolls at your Spirit Chamber to decide which materials you need most.
  • You can pick up wood/food as you explore the dungeon, but I'd advise you to discard them as soon as you need satchel space. It's far easier to gather those than the items needed for Dragon Spirit equipment.
  • Leveling up your Dragon Spirit is quite important, as it raises its stats, so Dragon Spirit EXP might be the most important item to pick up.

Tips to grow stronger

Upgrade other buildings first

While rushing to upgrade your Stronghold as soon as possible is nice, as it often unlocks new shit and rewards, there is also something to be said for first upgrading the majority of your other buildings.
First strengthening what you already have, will keep your resources low —making you less of a target— while giving you more time to accumulate the unlootable resource items instead. It also gives you time to accumulate a larger troop count, which will help you gather more resources, more quickly.Make sure at least your city farms/sawmills are fully upgraded.

Instant Yield Talent

Get the 'Instant Yield' Talent if you haven't already. Before you use it every 12 hours, make sure you have used your 24h farm/mill/mine boosters as, as far as I know, they will increase the instant yield too.
Try to use at least 2 farm and sawmill boosters every day for the Daily Activity Points for your Daily Rewards.

Don't use your resource items till you actually need to.

Why? Because otherwise they can be stolen, and, in the case of food, anything above your storehouse limit will be eaten up by your troops upkeep cost anyway.Which is also why collecting food should be your last upgrade gathering priority. First collect the required wood, ore and silver, then start gathering the remaining food you need. Consider using an upkeep reducer item as soon as you have a nice load above your storehouse limit.
One exception perhaps: try to use at least 5 resource items every day to collect the Daily Activity Points for the Daily Rewards.

Hunting Monsters and Rallying Barbarian Camps

Raid camps and hunt monsters when you can. They are excellent sources of resource items. If I recall correctly, a level 15 (or 16?) cyclops has a nice chance of dropping 45 x 1k food or wood resource items. This really adds up quickly. Especially if you take your time to grow your troops and get the Monster Stamina Talent.

Monster Stamina Talent

Once you have the Monster Stamina Talent (reduces stamina cost by (iirc) 20% for 10 minutes, with a cooldown of 24 hours), save up a full stamina bar, activate it, and try to deplete your stamina in 10 minutes.
Use a full march of your primary troops to attack the strongest monster(s) you can, while using your secondary (and possibly tertiary) troops to kill the highest of a stamina tier that makes most sense economically.Before activating the talent, consider bookmarking monsters that you can't use the Hunt tool on, so you don't waste your timer scouring the map for monsters of a specific tier.

Gold Events

Gold Events are a great way to get items and gold, and a nice extra incentive to strengthen your power. Try timing them so you start earning points already directly as soon as the game day starts at midnight UTC.

Monster Kill Stage

If the next day is monster kill stage of gold event, make sure you start the game day (midnight UTC) with a full stamina bar and your monster stamina skill ready. Save up your Stamina refill, and march speed items. Consider using a Attack Boost and/or March Capacity Boost item, so you can take on monsters that are stronger than you can usually kill.

Upgrade / Lord Power Stage

Time two upgrades which increase the largest amount of hero power to finish directly as soon as the day starts. Especially awesome if you can plan your SH upgrade for that. Don't accidentally insta-finish too soon though. ;-)
Save up some of your timer speed-ups to use in case you run out of time, or if you want to rise a couple more ranks. It helps to have plenty of resources available for this stage as well.

Troop Training Stage

Plan a full load of all your troop types to be done at start of game day, and collect them as soon as the event starts. Also time collecting the last load of finished troops just before the event day ends.
It's important to note though that points aren't awarded when they finish, but rather when you collect them! So, learn from my mistake, lol, and don't forget to collect them in time!
Again, remember you can use timer speedup items to get more troops done in the limited amount of time. Consider buying some more speedups with gold, if that will mean collecting the reward for completing the last tier of the gold event stage!Finally, don't forget that you don't have to build a full load of troops; you can drag the amount slider in a way so the timer will match how long you still have before the event ends (or before you have to log off because you have to go somewhere, so you can start a fresh, full load right before then).

Gather Event Stage

Plan your gathering troops to return as the event starts, and pull them back again right before event day ends, even when they haven't loaded up fully yet. Important to note is that points are awardedas soon as they start returning,notwhen they have returned to your Stronghold.

Remember to use a 24h gathering boost as soon as the day starts. Try to gather with your primary troops at your Alliance Farm/Sawmill/Iron Mine/Silver Mine as you get an additional gathering boost there. Note that Siege Troops have the highest troop load.

Aim for the highest level resource sources, as they contain the most resources and thus reduce the time wasted on marching back and forth. Make sure you gather at a full resource location, not one that's already half-depleted. Send out as many marches as you can. If you have less troops than you can fully fill marches, but a full march would be able to carry more resources than the farm/sawmill/mine has, consider matching the march troop load to the resource source capacity. They might stay out longer than using your full march, but if it means being able to send out another concurrent gathering troop, the reduced march time might be worth it.

Be sure to check out the Gather Event Stage section of the Gold Event page for more tips.

Alliance Storehouse

If you alliance has an Alliance Storehouse, you can keep some of your resources safe by sending them to the Alliance Storehouse. Every day you can send a maximum amount to it, up to a general limit. Note that the daily limit is store-only; taking stuff out won't reimburse some of that limit.

Glossary of Terms

Over time players have come up with various terms, acronyms and abbreviations for things in King of Avalon. Here's an overview of some of them:

  • Bubble
    Peace Shield: 'to bubble' or 'to shield (up)' is to use your Peace Shield. Often called 'bubble' because the Peace Shield looks like a protective bubble are the city when active.
  • Barbarian Camp Rally
    Barbarian Raid
    A rally against a Barbarian Camp. You need at least one other ally to rally against one of the Barbarian Camps.
  • Farm
    A resource building or tile for food
    To gather any kind of resources from the Kingdom map
    To (repeatedly) attack other players to gather resources
  • KC
    Kingdom Chat
  • AC
    Alliance Chat
  • RSS
  • stam
  • OoS
    Out of Stamina; lacking enough stamina to do another rally, or monster hunt.
  • SH
    StrongHold; usually accompanied by a number to indicate the level of the Stronghold, i.e. SH15 = a level 15 Stronghold.
  • AS
    Alliance Shielding; spell cast to temporarily protect all non-attacking alliance members for a period of 3 hours.
  • Discord
    Third-party chat service often used for alliance and allies discussions that require screenshots or shared links. See
  • dirty tile
    dirty plate
    Unfinished resource tiles, especially level 7 resource tiles. Considered annoying, especially when there's only a fraction of the tile's maximum amount of resources left.
  • D30
    Level 30 dragon, often hard to find, especially during Monster Stage of Gold Event.
  • KE
    kill event
    Troop Kill Stage of Gold Event, where the main purpose is to kill as many (enemy) troops as possible.
  • GE
    Gold Event


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