Glossary of Terms

Over time players have come up with various terms, acronyms and abbreviations for things in King of Avalon. Here's an overview of some of them:

  • Bubble
    Peace Shield: 'to bubble' or 'to shield (up)' is to use your Peace Shield. Often called 'bubble' because the Peace Shield looks like a protective bubble are the city when active.
  • Barbarian Camp Rally
    Barbarian Raid
    A rally against a Barbarian Camp. You need at least one other ally to rally against one of the Barbarian Camps.
  • Farm
    A resource building or tile for food
    To gather any kind of resources from the Kingdom map
    To (repeatedly) attack other players to gather resources
  • KC
    Kingdom Chat
  • AC
    Alliance Chat
  • RSS
  • stam
  • OoS
    Out of Stamina; lacking enough stamina to do another rally, or monster hunt.
  • SH
    StrongHold; usually accompanied by a number to indicate the level of the Stronghold, i.e. SH15 = a level 15 Stronghold.
  • AS
    Alliance Shielding; spell cast to temporarily protect all non-attacking alliance members for a period of 3 hours.
  • Discord
    Third-party chat service often used for alliance and allies discussions that require screenshots or shared links. See
  • dirty tile
    dirty plate
    Unfinished resource tiles, especially level 7 resource tiles. Considered annoying, especially when there's only a fraction of the tile's maximum amount of resources left.
  • D30
    Level 30 dragon, often hard to find, especially during Monster Stage of Gold Event.
  • KE
    kill event
    Troop Kill Stage of Gold Event, where the main purpose is to kill as many (enemy) troops as possible.
  • GE
    Gold Event