Alliance Event

King of Avalon has a couple of recurring events, of which the Alliance Event (A.E. for short) is one of them. The event lasts for a week, consists of 4 stages and there's usually about a month between each. The stages are always the same, and they are always in the same order:

  1. Fortune Teller Stage (2 days)
  2. Power Build Stage (2 days)
  3. Monster Kill Stage (1 day)
  4. Troop Training Stage (2 days)

As you can see, the stages are very similar to the Gold Event but without the gathering and troop killing stages.


Each stage offers three levels of basic rewards, with the third level always being an amount of gold. The first two levels give the same rewards for everyone, but the amount of gold for the last level can differ. From what I can gather, it depends on the Alliance's level. The points required for each reward level also seems dependent on this. Everyone who contributes/participates in a stage gets the stage rewards when they are unlocked (hence the name Alliance Event).

At the end of each stage, rewards are also offered for the 10 alliances game-wide with the most points.

At the end of the entire alliance event, rewards are also awarded to the top 10 alliances game-wide who collected the most points over all stages combined.

All these rewards can really add up, so it can pay off to use that extra bit of stamina (Monster Hunt Stage), those speed-ups (Power Build and Troop Training) or to buy some more rune stones to open up the last fortune teller tarot card. Just keep an eye on your alliance's current stage and overall rank, and judge for yourself if it's worth it or not. :) You can find your alliance's current stage rank, overall rank, and your personal ranking within your alliance, through the Alliance Event option in the Event Center.

Fortune Teller Stage

The Alliance Event starts with the Fortune Teller Stage, and lasts two days. Points are awarded for spinning the fortune teller's Zodiac Wheel, and for opening tarot cards. Points awarded for opening tarot cards increases with every consecutive card opened in a single setting.

Stage Tactics

Save up your knucklebones and rune stones in between Alliance Events and use them all up during the event. If you have enough rune stones to open up a full tarot spread, wait for one that has the kind of rewards you really want. Personally I like the one with all the gold rewards.

One thing to keep in mind is that the order of the cards always seems to be the same, with the most valuable reward being the last card to be turned. So, don't expect that 2000 gold card to be turned on turn 2.

Since the amount of Rune Stones needed to uncover each card doubles every turn, you'll need a total of 255 Rune Stones [1: free, 2: 1, 3: 2, 4: 4, 5: 8, 6: 16, 7: 32, 8: 64, 9: 128 Rune Stones] to turn all tarot cards.

Upgrade / Lord Power Stage

The second stage of the Alliance Event is the Power Build Stage, which lasts 2 days. Points are awarded for increasing lord power through completed building upgrades and research.

Stage Tactics

There are a couple of things you can do to prepare for this stage:

  • Save your StrongHold upgrades
    StrongHolds offer the most points as buildings go, as they increase your lord power by a significant amount. It often is enough to give you the gold reward for the stage.
    So, if it's time to upgrade your StrongHold, and you've saved up all your resources for it, make sure it finishes at the start of, or during, the power build stage. Either by starting it way in advance so the entire build time lasts till the power build stage starts, or by saving up (construction) speed-up items so you can finish it within the stage duration.
    Be sure to calculate in the time that gets deducted from alliance timer helps. It would be a shame if it finishes too soon because of timer help.
  • Time your Combat II research right
    Some of the Combat II research, for instance the very first Troop Attack research in that category, offer a huge amount of points. Try to save these research tasks for the upgrade events.
  • Remember your equipment and heroes
    Some equipment and heroes decrease construction and/or research duration and costs. Equip or unequip, assign or unassign them so your upgrades/research finish at the right time.
  • Plan upgrades to finish at start of this stage
    Time two upgrades and one University research which increase the largest amount of lord power to finish directly as soon as the day starts.
  • Upgrade/Research the things that give the biggest power increase in the shortest time
    Certain buildings and research types give more power than others. A farm or mine might take a long time to complete, but doesn't give as much power increase as for instance your Hall of War. Troop buildings for instance are good examples, as well as your storehouse. Dragon Spirit research is also recommended.
  • Save up your timer speed-up items.
    Save up some of your timer speed-ups to use in case you run out of time, or if you want to rise a couple more ranks.
  • Save up your resources
    Be sure you have plenty of resource items in your satchel, and an alliance storehouse full of food, so you can actually afford all those upgrades. ;-)
  • Destroying buildings decrease power
    You can no longer build something, destroy it, and build it again for more points, as points can be deducted.

Monster Kill Stage

The third stage of the Alliance Event is the Monster Kill Stage, which lasts just a single day. Points are awarded for killing monsters. The higher the level of the monster, the more points you get. Through the Alliance Event option in the Event Center you can find out how much points you get for each level of monster.

Stage Tactics

Even though you can prepare things to start the stage with a whole bunch of points right from the start, there are still a couple of things you can do to prepare for the stage, and maximise your points:

  • Have a full stamina bar at the start of the Monster Kill Stage!
    If the next day is monster kill stage of alliance event, make sure you start the game day (midnight UTC) with a full stamina bar. I know it is tempting to do a barbarian camp rally, or hit some more monsters throughout the previous stage, but be sure to stop in time so there's enough time for your stamina to replenish before Monster Kill Stage starts.
  • Kill the strongest monster you can kill
    Since you get more points for higher level monsters, there's not much use in killing lower than you can actually take on.
  • Consider using a Attack Boost, Defense Boost and/or Colossal March Capacity Boost item/talent
    If this means you can take on monsters that are stronger than you can usually kill, it can be worth using, so you can earn more points per kill than you'd normally would get. However, the downside of this is that your Hunt dialog might end up showing monsters you can only kill when your boosts are active, which can make finding monsters a bit harder.
  • Use the Monster Stamina Talent
    If you put 11 Lord Talent Points into the Balance talent tree, you get the Monster Stamina talent, which (when activated) reduces stamina consumption when attacking Monsters by 20% for a period of 10 minutes. This talent has a 24 hour cooldown. This skill will allow you to kill more monsters with the same amount of stamina, which means more points.
  • Save up your march speed-up items.
    They will come in handy to reduce travel time if you use the Monster Stamina Talent skill, so you can kill more monsters in that 10 minute period in which your stamina cost is reduced.
  • Save up your Stamina refill items.
    So you can kill more monsters when you run out of stamina. I recommend combining this with the Monster Stamina Talent if you manage to use up your stamina within the time period.
  • The first level reward is 50 Stamina refill
    Use it to your advantage to kill some more monsters. ;-)
  • Save your Emergency Recall Talent
    Use it when you use the Monster Stamina
  • Bookmark monsters ahead of time
    You'll save time finding the right level of monsters. No need to waste valuable Monster Stamina Talent time finding those pesky monsters.

Troop Training Stage

The Troop Training Stage also lasts two days, and is the fourth stage of the alliance event. During this this stage, points are awarded for training Troops in your Barracks (Infantry), Range (Bowmen), Stables (Cavalry) and Siege Workshop (Siege). The points per unit depend on the troop tier you are training.

Stage Tactics

There are a couple of things you can do to maximise your points for this stage:

  • First of all, like the Gathering Stage, it's important to note that points aren't awarded when training finishes, but rather when you collect the trained troops!
  • Start the stage with a full load of troops.
    Plan a full load of all your troop types to be done at start of game day, and collect them as soon as the event starts. They can be ready hours in advance, as long as you don't (accidentally) collect them before the stage has actually started.
  • Collect your last load of troops right before the stage ends.
    When it's time to put on your last batch of troops, make sure you can either speed it up to finish in time, or train just enough so they finish in time. In other words, you don't have to build a full load of troops; you can drag the amount slider in a way so the timer will match how long you still have before the event ends (or before you have to log off because you have to go somewhere, so you can start a fresh, full load right before then). In any case, don't forget to actually collect them! I've made that mistake before. ;-)
  • Remember you can use timer speedup items to get more troops done in the limited amount of time. Consider buying some more speedups with gold or alliance honour, if that will mean collecting the reward for completing the last tier of the alliance event stage, or getting into a higher stage rank tier for better rewards.
  • Higher tier troops give more points.
    So if you have just one or two troop buildings at the next tier, and want to speed-up several batches of troops to increase your rank, focus the speeding up on the highest tier troops.
  • Focus on the troops you use/need the most.
    So if all your troop troop buildings are of the same tier, and want to speed-up several batches of troops to increase your rank, focus the speeding up on the kind of troops you will be using the most. Personally I usually prefer to focus on my bowmen since most of my gear and heroes etc is aimed at that, or on cavalry, as I currently tend to use them a lot for gathering and killing monsters as their march speed is the fastest.